she has BMS!!!


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Dec 6, 2006
Albany, NY
Cricket -C.A.G
LOL I came home today and my mother told me Cricket has BMS.... not PMS, but BMS..... Bird Molting Symdrom :D

Guess she has been getting grumpy and I havnt noticed because I dont take the bird-tude, so she isnt any diffrent with me.... or is it I know when NOT to go in the cage :rolleyes: who knows... but I think she might be molting, a couple flight feathers have come in... and I am going to let them come in, unless she decides to be a bad birdie, and in that case SNIP SNIP

LOL that is perfect way to describe it just pray that you never have PMS the same time she has BMS we've been through that before and it about killed both of us :)
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WAIT!!! you can still say PMS... Parrot Molting Syndrom LOL

:p yeah we have no life over here

Yeah and as soon as I posted "and she knows better" I had to go save my mom from the big ole mean bird and got bit... into punishment he went
LOL! I hoped mine wouldnt go through that stage, but atleast just he head and chest....for now anyway. Tail feathers are coming in, so BMS here we come!!!
Hamlet gets a little cranky when he is moulting as well ... BMS ... good call!
Going through the same thing here with Bucc, and what a little .............. lets just say brat he is at the moment. I have now made up my mind, Kito is NOT going to go through this I won't allow it. :D (hope that works) Bucc doesn't bite me, just everyone else, Andi, kids, dogs cat :eek: no one is safe when he's in this mood. Even had a pop at Kito yesterday Kito just bit him back and he went into a major sulk. :D :D
I must confess that I've been so busy with things lately that I've slacked on giving baths. Saturday though, finally gave Sisqo (and Gigi) a really good misting, and I couldn't believe the amount of pin feathers on Sisqo's head. He was real cranky at first, but when I got them all taken care of he was a happy little guy again.

Gigi had some pin feathers in his head as well, but we're not quite 'there' yet so I'm not going to try and help him out.
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Cricket doesnt bite me either, unless I come between her and the family member she happens to be going after... "Never Fear Mother is Here!"

Last night the little smart.. uh.. butt was chilling on the couch with me and, well, she must of gotten bored because she decided that she was going to pull my earings, nibble my ear, and rib off my glasses then chew them up... when I tried to stop her I got he look ...oh you know the look... then the little stinker pooped on me :eek:

Parrot Pot Pie anyone :D

j/k... dont have enough carrots :p
:18: :18: :18:

going to pull my earings, nibble my ear, and rib off my glasses then chew them up...

Know that feeling well, I can't wear earings anymore, as soon as Bucc sees them they have to come out, one way or the other :eek: Pretty sure I've got more piercings in my ear than even I realise, and why is they love to chew the glasses.????? Both mine will have a go at mine when I put them on.
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yeah she likes to get at the little soft plastic piece behind the ear... wonder if they make parrot proof eye wear LOL
I'm going for an eye test on Monday, I'll ask them and let you know what they say. :D

I only need them for reading and the like so its not really worth it and the birdies would then probably try to stick their beak in my eyes to get at them. :eek::D I'm sure they associate the computer with me wearing my glasses:D

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