Should I Get a Macaw?


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Jul 9, 2024

I'm new to this website, and I thought I could use some advice on a decision I've been wanting to make. I am a minor, and I have been wanting a macaw. I have owned birds in the past and can say that I am pretty experienced with handling parrots, so owning a large bird is not my concern. I do virtual school, so I am home a lot of the time during the day besides going to work and hanging out with friends. I have a car and am able to drive, so I would be able to take the macaw places for outdoor training and enrichment :). My parents seem on board with it besides the fact that they're worried when I go to college they'll have to care for the macaw for the first year. I plan on going to a college where you can live off-campus, meaning I'd be able to take my parrot and other pets with me into my new house/apartment. I am willing to take the time to save up enough money to buy everything for the bird, including the bird itself. Unfortunately, I live in a state with no rescues to go and see what it's like to be around macaws and their personalities. I have the room for a large cage/aviary or even just a room itself in my home.

Any advice/feedback would be great! :)
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Do you want advice or just affirmation of your desire? The vast majority of members on here are going to, I believe, tell you the same thing as I will. Wait. Wait until you have established your adult self, in career, relationship, housing, etc. Why? Parrots are HIGHLY intelligent, strongly emotional creatures, very much like a 3-4 yr old child, that never grow up, and have large (and dangerous in the case of macaws) beaks like can openers. Do you really think it fair to subject such a creature to all the changes your life will undergo in the coming decade or so until you reach that point? Avail yourself of some patience, for your own sake and the sake of your, at some point in the future, parrot.
As an addition to my good friend above comments!!

Macaws are Loving Companions that are highly demanding from their cost to purchase, house, provide enrichment (toys to destroy), feed and provide heath care! Costs can easily raise into thousands of dollars.

Macaws Love to keep in contact with their family and friends and they do it with volume and commonly as the Sun comes up and sets! It is not uncommon for them to wake-up the neighbors several houses away.

Macaws can become bored easily as they normally need more hours that a normal College schedule can provide. It is not uncommon for them to disassemble a cage and then the furnishing, followed by the room, and then .....

You have received excellent advise above!
Too soon to start a life long relationship as Macaws have a life span that can easily stretch 75+ years.

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