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Jul 18, 2015
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Gollum - Senegal
Hatch Day- 5/8/15 &

Dobby- Indian Ringneck
Hatch Day- 7/16/15
I have been looking to see if I can find pictures of different bird breeds side by side. I was wanting to compare the Senegal size to a Cockatiel and a Senegal size to a Eclectus.
Anyone remember seeing pictures like that or have those birds you could snap a quick pic of next time they are standing together?
Each of those species can vary pretty widely in weight.
In general, many cockatiels are about 90 grams more or less.
Senegals are about 120-165 (wide range) BUT the Senegal and related Poicephalus have oversized head and beaks compared to their body size. Many times bigger than a cockatiel beak, with an attitude to match (as opposed to most tiels).

Eclectus size varies greatly depending on which subspecies. One of the smaller subspecies might be in the '300-something' gram range.

Curious... Why is it that you ask?
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It is just hard to visualize the size. I have seen pictures of them. I have seen the babies. I thought it might help with understanding the size difference. When shopping for the cage and perches and toys, so many will say for all these different birds and honestly, I thought there was more of a size difference. Anyhow, now I am rambling.
If the babies you've seen are fully feathered they are about as big as they are going to get.
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This is what I am talking about. I thought the African Grey and Cockatoo were about the same size. I came across this video and WOW the Cockatoo is a GIANT!. Hope the link works.

There are different types of Cockatoos. The video has an Moluccan Cockatoo which is a big as a large macaw.

Also, keep in mind that in photos, the angle can make sizes inaccurate. Many of my pics with Raven and Griffin together make them look the same size, when in reality Raven is twice as big as Griffin.
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