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Simpy beautiful.


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Jan 12, 2008
Liverpool U.K
Sadly...I do not own a parrot
I fell in love with the idea of black paper today...guess why?



and OMG....


These are defo on my list of to-do's...
I can see your talents with this subject on black paper ... it will be amazing as always ... as I am not 100% with all 'toos that is a citron, am I correct?
That is a beautiful triton. I love the puffed cheek feathers. If the tail feathers were perfect that would be an awesome show bird. It can be so hard to keep a cockatoo perfect. My citron is a perfect example of a bird who will never win a ribbon:).
Citrons have orange crests and they are technicly a lesser sulphur crested (although I dissagree with that) and the males are often bigger than hens. Remember citron = citrus= orange.
Tritons are a greater sulphur crested named that because their crests often seem to split into three pieces. But the way I identify them is by their large size and blue eyerings. True greaters have white eyerings. The medium sulphur crested, the elenora has pale blue eyerings and are smaller than greaters and tritons but larger than lessers.
For a real treat look up Blue-eyed cockatoos and keep in mind that they are larger than your average umbrella, though probably smaller than most mollucans.
See, that's were I have problems with 'toos, there are like three names for each breed ... and it's usually just the colors that give them away, right? I guess I am not a 'too person, I have Macs, Conures, most of the 'zons down and I can tell the difference between a Timneh and a Congo grey so, I think I can defer to someone else for 'too identification ...

What ever this 'too is, tis a really nice looking bird!

Well hows this for tough: The store where I worked had a lovely sulphur crested cockatoo. He didn't quite fit any of the descriptions I was learning. Turns out he is the offspring of a male elanora (med.s crested) and a female triton (G s crested). And we only knew this because the breeder was honest about it. He had what he thought were a pair of sulphur cresteds, they were very bonded and when he found out they were different species he couldn't bear to separate them. I suspect this sort of thing happens and has happened more often than anyone would guess.
Of course learning all those pyhurra conures is something I never totally mastered.
I am off to take Hamlet to get clipped, and when I come back I should have pictures of something very interesting ... A DYH/BFA cross ... I'll be back in a bit.
Very interesting. We used to have an amazon that we decided was a cross between an orange wing and a bluefront, but we couldn't be sure as noone knew her history.
We also got an amazon that we were told was a lilac crowned x red lored hybrid, but I knew he was something different. After some reasearch, we realized that he was a salvins amazon. They are supposed to be a subspecies of the red lored but they are much larger. He is as large as a blue crowned mealy.

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