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Oct 3, 2014
Hi All,

Ollie has recently had a sore right foot which appears cracked and there looks like a small amount of blood around the cracks. Has anyone else seen this or knows what he cause could be?
He's on a good fruit and veg diet, he only has rope perches.

Any ideas?



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His feet look a little dry, more baths will help. The discoloration could be from the dyes in the rope perch. I must be honest I really don't like the rope perches especially for eclectus. They are way too hard to keep sanitized and clean. Eclectus wipe their soft food on them and then later if they ingest old scrapped off food it could make them very sick. I would get other types of perches including the pedi-perch those are very good for keeping both the nails and the beak in good condition.
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Thanks for the reply, I never thought of the rope perches that way. I will get them changed over this week and do some more baths to help soften those toes

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