Sour crop + not eating


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Jan 11, 2023
I have two African greys, both adopted from troubled homes
Hi all,

My AG (10 years old) was recently diagnosed with a bacterial and fungal infection in his crop. Since then I have been given meds to give him twice a day for 2 weeks. The vet said his behaviour should return back to normal within 2 days. It’s been 5 and he is behaving ok/ mostly normal but will not eat his pellets under any circumstance. It’s possible he eats them in the cage when I’m not looking but when he is out he won’t. He is only eating egg, peanut butter toast and sweet potato crackers, plus some fruits. I called the vet and she suggested I bring him back in but it is -30 C and I am scared of him catching a drift of cold from the house to the car so I am waiting to bring him in. Have any of you experienced this? I can’t tell if I should be concerned about his infection or if he’ll start eating his pellets again. Thoughts? Thanks, anything helps.
Hmmm, there is a chance that the Pellets have gone bad. If you are not keeping them zip locked in a refrigerator or freezer they will age fairly quickly when the bag is opened.

Cold weather and moving a Parrot: Assure that your car is at operating temperature and the cabin heat is working well. Load your Parrot into a Cat carrier, or like carrier, and cover with a heavy bath towel. Move quickly to the car, set you Parrot in and be on your way.

Assure that you do the same at the Vet's Clinic!

All should go well, but at that temperature have a back-up car in place!
Did your vet do a culture to find out exactly what kind of bacteria/fungus as it's important to prescribe the right kind of meds?

My 27 year old Senegal had the same diagnosis a year ago with frequent regurgitation unable to eat his pellets, ate very little of other food causing rapid weight loss . First round of antibiotic was too low dosage causing a relapse in one month. Second vet gave him 3 times higher dose of the same meds that cost his life as he was very weak.

Suggest you to monitor his poops for volume and abnormity as you are not sure if ate enough. Also weigh him daily to make sure he maintains his weight. Since the meds is for 2 weeks, maybe keep monitoring for a few more days to see if there are any improvement. One more thing is to make sure your house or where his resting area is warmer than normal ie 95F as sick birds need to maintain a certain body temperature.

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