Sparkies' Flock Thread!


Sep 17, 2023
4 budgies, 2 foster IRNs

Fly high Baby blue! I love you
Hello All!

I have decided to add a flock thread for my little ones!

I will introduce you to our flock! (oldest to youngest)


(note - this is his baby picture)
Name : Mr. Squiggles
Age : 3 years old
Sex : Male
Info : He was bought at Pet supermarket (lol) as a friend for my late budgie, Bluberry, She passed away recently. He is semi-tame and has never bitten.


(note - this is his baby picture as well)

Name : Hendrix
Age : approx. 1 year (?)
Sex : Male
Info : Hendrix was purchased at a local pet shop.. He is an English budgie; he has bitten, and leaves a pretty nice sting with it as well. He is only tame when Mr. Squiggles is tame. He was bought because he felt like the right fit, and what's one more... right...

I don't have a pic.. I will edit later

Name : Rosie Rae
Age : 12 weeks
Sex : female
Info : Rosie Rae was got from an elderly guy that couldn't take care of his birds and they were breeding like crazy.. rescue case.

And last but not least....

(i don't have a pic as we JUST got them)

Name : Olive (if it's a girl, Olivia; if it's a boy, Oliver)
Age : 6 weeks
Sex : unknown
Info : I got them from Carol's Critters in Tallahassee, FL. They are an awesome mom and pop shop. **Technically** I wasn't supposed to get the bird until it was ready, but since i had prior knowledge and don't live here they let me get it. I don't know much about this baby except they aren't tame and they do bite (lol ig).


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May 9, 2022
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Lovely flock you have! 😍


Sep 17, 2023
4 budgies, 2 foster IRNs

Fly high Baby blue! I love you
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For the first time today, Olive came on my hand for some millet! We tried having them in a cage, but they kept trying to shove them self through the cage bars, so we didn't want to risk it. we bird-proofed my bedroom so they can stay out (for the most part... a bunny lives in here as well but they are all fully flighted) I can't wait for baby olive to grow it's wings back out!! it is so fun to watch them fly around the room, and know they have free will to fly on and off you when they WANT to.

We think that olive is a girl!

Warning ***LOG/My personal opinions on clipping/other things, and random crap if you're bored feel free to read (lol)**

I find it MUCH more rewarding to tame a fully-flighted bird (especially parakeets) because you know they have the choice to leave at any time. I find fully flighted birds (that know they have wings lol) to be less bitey/nippy. I have never been bitten by my bird Mr. Squiggles.. he has always been fully flighted. I have been bit because i missed cues so much more often with hendrix and Rosie. I was bit by olive for fair reasons... I had to grab her. Let me note, I do miss social cues with humans as well, social cues as in subtle things. I know when i am about to get bit lol, and I take it because i deserved it :ROFLMAO: . I do learn from my mistakes.

I was going to post a photo of their cage, but am slightly embarrassed rn because they are living in a small cage. I compensate by not making them stay in the cage. I had to use their cage to split up the IRNs (they were fighting), once I get some more money I will buy them another cage... I always say, "what's one more cage". They need some more toys, but ATM i am having to find ways to repurpose and make toys, ya know low on money. I blew most of it on bird food. I am guilty of letting them play with/in the forbidden hide huts or whatever you call them.

Mr. Squiggles struggles with Ascending back up to the top of the cage from the playstand, Hendrix is a pro at precision flying. Rosie can't fly for bull-poop, she's fully flighted but doesn't have strength. I remember when Bluberry (my late birdie) flew against a tail and wing clip! Olive could fly if they didn't do that HORRID one wing clip. I considered getting the other wing clipped, just because that is so cruel, but decided against because he will probably molt soon (first molt).

Hendrix needs a vet appt because he is either plucking feathers on his legs and under his wings, or he has an issue. No other birds have the issue.. I know it is probably serious, but I haven't been able to get the funds. He's had this issue for a while now and i feel like a terrible parent but I am a minor, unemployed and cannot fund this issue yet. I'm going to try to work for my neighbors to see if i can get a little money.

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