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Jan 12, 2007
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Just wondering if anyone has any idea how much spray millet a parrot should have? Can't seem to find out any where. I'm going to the vet on Thursday so I'll ask then to be sure, but in the mean time... Anyone that has any ideas:confused:


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Sep 7, 2006
I've heard people say no more than 1 piece a week :eek: All of my guys would eat me alive if I only let them have 1 piece a week.
Some people say only 6 inches per 5 birds :eek: a week.

I'm of the believe that if birds get excersise and are eating healthily otherwise there shouldn't be a problem.

My little guys will have a few peices on the floor of their cage (they will only eat it if its on the floor) every other day, They get plenty of excersise and have been having this for years, they are not overweight or in bad health due to it. Errol and Flynnie don't get as much as that as they will only eat seed. If they had the same amount as the others then I'm sure they would be really unfit and unwell. It all stems from the life they led before they came to me. :( Georgie who lives with Errol and Flynnie, won't touch Millet at all, but he loves to play with it and put it in his water bowl. (He's slightly brain damaged, due to his life before coming here)

Hope my ravings have helped, (its getting late and I'm ready for bed) hope it is understandable. :D


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Oct 6, 2006
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I figure as long as you get really creative in making them work for it it won't hurt them Misty who just sort of sits there will actually hang upside down to try to get to it Sidney doesn't seem to care for it at all but adores pecans as his special treat

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