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Aug 27, 2021
Black Head Caique
Hi. I’m new to forums. So forgive me if this topic has been discussed already. I couldn’t find a similar thread in previous posts.

I have a 4mo old male BH caique. He is sweet and gentle. And right or wrong, I have selfishly allowed him to hang out on my shoulder. I can take a nap and he will nuzzle until I’m ready to get up. So I guess it’s no wonder I cannot get him to stay on his perch. I’ve tried redirecting through target training. Giving him some recall/flight training for exercise to wear him out. Yeah, he pretty much wants someone’s shoulder. Mostly mine but not always. Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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Jun 19, 2021
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Have you tried to make the perch more interesting than your shoulder? I mean, put some toy or a toy with his favourite food inside, attached to the perch to trigger his curiosity.

My pacific parrotlet flies to the top of my head every chance he gets and I did not teach him that. Every time he does, I offer my hand and put him in a perch with toys to play, or let him play with a leather bracelet in my wrist.


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Mar 28, 2019
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Please whatever else you do, Immediately Stop allowing bird to remain your shoulder while you nap.

I know how difficult. How tempting, when the bird wants to be there. My Sunny considers my shoulder best place to sleep, and then hypnotizes me into wanting to sleep also. It just Feels so right to nap while she snuggles there.

But it is SO DANGEROUS. One slight wrong move in your sleep and you can have a dead bird, or even worse, a horribly injured bird. Their bones are so much more fragile than mammals. Please please immediately Stop letting the bird stay on your shoulder while you nap!


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Aug 2, 2018
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place a perch next to your chair for them. In a post just today I shared pictures of a big spiral rope perch that is hung from a ceiling hook and using fishing ling to hang at head height next to me and my chair.

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