Sudden aversion to me


Feb 4, 2024
Canary Hulu
I haven't been here in a while as I'm preoccupied with work.

I am concerned my handtame canary has developed an aversion to me.

Normally I am able to place my hands inside his cage and feed him, hold him in my hand, and reach for him. He is not fearful of my hands and enjoys handling.

When I open his cage and hold millet for him, he flies out and will at times stand on my hand while I feed him.

Recently he hasn't been wanting to fly out when I feed him, and if he does, he will take a piece of millet and retreat as soon as I bring my hand close.

He preens for extended time and doesn't look in my direction. If I offer him millet while he sits in the cage, he will move to a different perch.

As well as this, he has been tense for a while. He flies back and forth and rips and shreds the paper from his cage floor and eats it.

I can't think of anything that could've caused this, as everything is the same as always. He is not exposed to stress or anything unfamiliar.

I can only think he may have gone into molt, but it's not the right time for a molt yet. Though I have seen him preening and a feather fall out, which he then ate.

I am concerned I've frightened him today as I followed him with my hand to a different perch and he was fearful. This was only once and he has ate millet from my hands since.

He eats and drinks normally, washes himself, and flies around the room as usual. No signs of being unwell.

What could this be?

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