Supplement Leafy Branches?


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May 24, 2018
Cairo the Ekkie!
Hi guys!

Recently our co-gardener (our neighbour) cut down all the amaranth/bayam. I used to fill up Cairo's cage with branches (basically huge stalks) from the plant, and he loved chewing on the stem and hunting for the seeds. We are regrowing the amaranth/bayam, but now Cairo is missing his favourite foraging toy.

I've been trying to fill his cage with more basil (he normally gets both basil and amaranth/bayam), but he only goes for the basil flowers. The basil stem is too coarse and solid (not juicy like the bayam).

What can I put in his cage in the meantime? We've a pomegranate tree, a jambu tree, and a starfruit tree, but I worry that those branches mean that I need to prep it (bleach/bake). I'm looking for something leafy he can go after or something to simulate that leafy, chewable, watery goodness that he loves in his bayam.

As a temporary measure, I've put some variety of textures in his cage for him to play with, but I doubt it'll entertain him long.


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Jul 10, 2015
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I believe that clark_conure is our resident plant specialist, try PM'ing him for some recommendations.

Bambo tops?

And with hope, this light bump will get your Thread back-up in the active zone!

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