Jan 23, 2013
Dunedin New Zealand
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I have had my Lovebird for a few days now she likes me to talk to her and seems to be listening. She is very nervous and does not like to be touched. She really freaks out if I try to pick her up but when I catch her she doesn't bite. She seems to enjoy being stroked down her back for a bit when I'm holding her and but flies away when I let her go. Once she's loose in the room she doesn't mind me getting close and talking to her but trying to catch her again is a bit stressful for her. I am trying to introduced my hand to her slowly. She's in a large cage with my other Lovebird this makes it difficult as she can just to another part of the cage.
I have a cage that is a lot smaller and am thinking of putting her in that on her own for a while but I do still want her to bond with my other bird.

Any ideas or suggestion would be appreciated


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Jul 7, 2014
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Does she have a treat she really likes? Millet, sunflower seeds, a piece of an almond? Offer her those from your hand. She might be skittish if she thinks your hand just grabs her. She might be more trusting if hands did good things, like gave treats and then work on pets and then work on stepping up.


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Apr 28, 2013
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You need to win her trust and convince her that spending time with you is a good thing rather than trying to force her. Remember you're, what, 100 times her size, you're a predator and she's a prey animal, she's only known you a few days - it's not surprising she's fearful of being grabbed at this stage.

Start off by talking to her and offering treats - millet, sunflower seeds as mimsy01 suggests, maybe try pine nuts as well - so that she starts to associate you with positive things. Once you get to the point where she's coming over to see what you have, try holding out the treat so she has to step into your arm to take it - then let her step off again if she wants to. Pretty soon you'll see signs that she wants to spend time with you. It takes patience but it will build a much better relationship for you - and is very rewarding when you see the results!

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