Teaching a bird to like its play gym


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Jul 19, 2013
Yellow Sided GCC Oliver (October 2009), and a Cinnamon GCC Mia (August 2013)
I have a really nice play gym that I made but my birds don't use it much other than to forage for some food in the hanging coconut toy thing. Is there a way I can help them figure out how fun it can be? They aren't afraid of it, they just aren't super interested in it either. Also I don't think my newer bird, Mia knows how to play with toys? She only uses shreddable toys. I've heard of people teaching their birds to play with toys, how can I do this?

Thanks guys :)


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Jun 27, 2013
Kiwi Stardust - a green cheek conure
Hi Sofia! You can try playing with the toy yourself and look like you're having the best time ever (although you may be bored out of your mind). Mia might come by and investigate and show some interest?

That being said..I have gotten Kiwi a whole lot of toys and there are some she'll ignore for weeks, and then suddenly start pulling apart..and some she attacks right away. I guess just keep rotating and hopefully at some point something will catch Mia's eye.

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