Tips of increasing weight of an underweight IRN?


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Aug 16, 2020
Ahmad (cockatiel), Kulfi & Barfi (IRNS)
Hello! Bit of insight: I have a cockatiel and a pair of ringnecks. My cockatiel is 3 years old and my ringnecks are 1.5 years old. My female IRN has always been more sensitive of the two and she recently got conjunctivitis and a upper respiratory infection shortly after. We took her the vet and she’s getting her meds now but what worried me is that she’s slightly underweight. The vet said that I should feed her more. The thing is that both my ringnecks are not picky eaters and eat almost everything that I give them. Their diet includes fruits and veggies and they get a mix of versale laga. It’s also surprising since my female IRN eats more than my male IRN so i’m thinking that maybe she lost weight because she fell sick?

Anyway, tips on increasing weight? What foods are more beneficial and help in increasing weight?

Thank you.

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