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Oct 4, 2023
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I had my triton cockatoo first. Her old owner said she came from a very abusive house where a women’s husband would beat his wife and torture the triton cockatoo. We’ve had her a couple years and I can bring her anywhere with me she doesn’t bite me. She also talks a lot now something her old owner said she didn’t but the few swear words. threatening sayings. They also left her in a tiny homes and had her coverage until 6 o’clock at night every single night. She’s terrified of men. She doesn’t let my husband hold her, but she really does love him. She always wants to be with them and next to him but he just can’t hold her or transport her because she fights him every single time.. I thought I did it I just I push the button. I heard it click. We had a quaker Parrot he passed away, so we thought getting an umbrella would help fill the void of my husband being heartbroken and also our triton. She was very very very depressed.. you’ve had Arabella Cockatoo for over a month. We’ve done everything by the books and she goes out of her way to lunch at the tray and I can have them together put their cages next to each other during the day so that they could just get familiar with each other but as soon as they’re both out, and Bella goes to attack her every time they can sit close to each other as long as no humans are in the room anyone know how long this will last or what I can do. The umbrella is taking all my attention and my triton has been really distant with me . Will they ever get along I always interrupt when their close to each other because I’m afraid any advice would be very helpful. We’ve tried putting her in her own bedroom to get her to stop screaming I’m talking about the umbrella cockatoo, but you can scream for hours and hours just long as you have her with you she’s fine and if we leave the house then she doesn’t. scream. I feel horrible because my Creighton Cockatoo isn’t getting the same attention what took us three years to get her to be friendly and not attack and bite. When we got her she had noticed feathers no, they’re all grown in.
I’ve read every book I’ve watched every video and I’m just lost. The guy who won the umbrella cockatoo for us and her for 13 years had her on the only sea diet and he never gave her a bath for 13 years so I’ve come along way with both parrots, but I do need help with the attacking part jealousy part.


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Thank you for giving these babies that came from such horrible situations a better life. It sounds like your question is how can you help the two get along? Unfortunately there is no guarantee any two parrots will get along. Some may just not and if they are bickering I would keep them separated for their safety.

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