Toys for Red Belly


Nov 7, 2012
Hello! We have a 2 1/2 month old Red Belly named Sam. What a delight!
I have a question. Can I let her play with old solid gold rings?
She likes shiny things. Thank you for all input.
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I talked with an Eclectus owner; she said no gold rings! Any other comments or help appreciated. What can I give her that is shiny?
Stainless steel would be your safest bet.
My red belly really enjoys his mirror, he talks to himself all day. He also really likes hanging toys with bells on the end, he likes that they are both shiny and also make a lot of noise.
I have a red bellied as well. His (?) name is Picasso. Very sweet, maybe three years old. Doesn't play with toys inside his cage. He loves Kleenex, towels, and exploring around when I let him out with me. He is out most of the time, hangs out on his cage!:43:

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