Training Bucc to clean!!!!!


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Sep 7, 2006
I am now training Bucc to clean his own cage, Today I have scrubbed everything in there, toys perches, everything came out I got in and gave the inside of the cage done. Now Bucc hates it when I do this kinda clean and I have to keep my eye on him at all times cos if I don't he WILL give me a real good bite, (had one or two of those already, and they hurt) drawing blood. Managed to get it done without even a single growl, but he did sit on his playstand glaring at me and asking "Whatcha doing in there" hehehehe. After I had cleaned everything and put toys and perches back in the cage, he came over to inspect in. I let him carry on, knowing full well that he would get in soon and put some food back on the floor (thats obviously the right place for it to be:eek: ) I asked him what he thought of it, he looked round looked me full in the eye and said


So I have decided that in future I'm gonna give him the cloth and water and he can do it himself. :D :D (chance will be a fine thing)
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:D :D Yeah I'll let ya know if I have any luck :D :D

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