Training the conure to keep his voice down


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Sep 29, 2009
If I were to get a conure, I'd go with a yellow side green cheek. I'd do this because it has more color than the normal green cheek, and sort of yellow like the sun conure, but isn't as loud. Loudness is an issue with me. Would I be able to train my green cheek to be quiet? If so, how do it do it?

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Dec 28, 2007
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Would you be able to train him to be quiet? ... yes, and no.

First off GCCs are relatively quite (compared to other conures). But they will make noise.

Training a parrot to be quiet is a lot like training a dog not to shed - you just can't train out such an aspect of their physiology. You can, through various measures, keep it under control and limited to particular times or places, but you will not eliminate it.

The biggest thing is not to reward noisiness - and yelling at them is a reward. Unacceptable noise just has to be ignored, and quietness praised with attention. Never enter the room when he is loud, only when he is quiet.

But also I'd recommend setting up a couple 'scream-sessions' each day; these will likely form quite naturally for the morning wake up call, then maybe another time of day. Don't try to discourage this, actually join in - become part of the morning flock call (yes we bird owners are that crazy).

Auggie goes crazy in the morning and when I return from work. I'm okay with that, and I join in (my neighbors may wonder...)

Have you had birds before? I don't recall from your other posts. I ask because saying loudness is an issue ... well I wonder if birds would be right at all. Though quieter than many GCCs can still be loud. I have yet to meet a single parrot owner who has not been surprised by the volume that such a small bunch of feathers can produce - even after hearing all the warnings.

Parrots are loud, they are going to be loud. There is no way to stop it, but in most cases it can be organized into particular 'bouts' which are acceptable to most owners.

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