UNFLEDGED and Flustered


Mar 31, 2015
Pennsylvania, USA
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5 month old Sun Conure was not fully fledged by her breeder like I had asked. They clipped her wings just add she was learning to fly. You can tell she has the NEED to fly now. She's a continuous wing flapper. She'll grab her perch and go to town but can't go anywhere.

She is obviously frustrated about it, holding her wings in a flight prone position and then fluttering like mad and loves to go to the edge of the bed and lean like she's going to take off. She's a spazz who thinks she's a human child that can fly.

We've been doing the 'Come' command where I talk the bed and she 'hop/ flutters' to the bed and we do the same bank to my hand. She enjoys it but a hop is all she can manage. Even get balance has been compromised a bit.

I plan on letting her wings grow out and try to fledge her myself in a safe place, but until then WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP HER?


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Nov 1, 2014
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This happened with my Henry :( He came young and heavily clipped, clearly having not learned to fly.
I made sure his cage had would I'd normally consider an oversupply of perches. He had a place to stand to reach all of his toys and food, and pathways to get to all of perches without a huuuge amount of effort, for the confidence factor. I then added rope and concrete perches all around the outside of his cage to help him explore. I used ropes and chains off the curtain rails above his cage and playstand to give him extra access, and to help his balance, and he's on my shoulder when I do the dishes, weed the garden, make the beds etc. It's a chance to help him practice his balancing and he seems much more secure these days. I nearly didn't bring him home because of his rock wing clip, but honestly I don't notice the difference in his behaviours now. He'll be allowed to be fully flighted for a while, and assuming his harness is still all good that's how I'll leave him.


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Sep 14, 2013
Columbus, GA
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Sounds like you are doing a lot right! Keep doing what you are doing :) I would leave her nails a bit long and sharp as well just to help with balance. It's less pleasant for the hand and shoulder, but better for her balance.

I would also take this opportunity to teach her about EVERY SINGLE window and mirror in your house. Take her around to them often. Tap on them, tap her beak in them, leave her in front of them so she gets VERY used to them and to the fact that they are SOLID.

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