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Nov 3, 2015
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Hello everyone. It's been a while with holiday and all. Just want to share about Mango. So as I posted before, her DNA test result has come and she is indeed a "she". She has been a spoilt princess but in a good way :D. Here are some of the pictures:



She has developed a tiny bit of "loud calling" habit whenever she wants me, but I resist so far. ;) However it's easier to forget to give rewards whenever she's quietly and sweetly chirping, the good vs bad behaviour. Anyway, Mango is getting bigger and starting to show more yellowish on her plumage. One tiny new thing I found out recently, whenever she got spooked, she will fly "towards" my shoulder instead of "away". Is that a good thing?


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Jan 6, 2014
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Glad to hear things are going well.

If your bird is flying 'to' you when they are spooked that IS a good thing. They fly to what they see as a 'safe place' and if your bird is flying to you when they are scared, they are indeed seeing you as a safe place.

They could also be trying to warn you of danger. So if she flies over to you and starts biting you when she is startled it's not that she is attacking you, but rather trying to get your attention.

But needless to say, it does mean your bird has allowed you to be part of her flock.

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