update on Raku, still more progress being made


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Jun 17, 2014
Denton, TX
Green Cheek Conure named Raku
So I haven't posted in awhile, but I thought I should because I know a post like this would have been super encouraging to me several months ago.

So the backstory is that I got Raku in June, and for the first 2 days he liked me and then was suddenly scared of me. It took MONTHS of me trying to interact with him before he'd do anything more than just take seeds from me and run and hide. I eventually was able to get him to step up on to my finger, and then even put him on my shoulder, but then there was a setback where every time i tried to get him to step up he'd bite me. I then learned I could get him to step up on a pen and he was happy with that.

Just a few days ago I got to the point where I could take him out of his cage and set him on the table where he'd run around investigating things, and then hope up on my wrist and run up to my shoulder.

He still gets a bit nippy when he doesnt want to do something but I can continue working with him to get passed that. Months ago I was seriously worried that we'd never get to this point. I'm really glad I didn't give up and just assume we'd never have the kind of relationship I wanted to have with him.

So keep trying and keep learning about how to interact with them in ways that will be positive for both of you. Good luck!
So glad to hear about this update! It can often seem bleary and difficult to imagine when we encounter problems with our birds, but love and patience can bring out the best in everything. Congratulations on your progress!
This is a wonderful update, thank you for sharing!

You've made excellent progress and it is very encouraging. Sometimes it's just a matter of being patient and creative and finding what works best for your individual bird.
I recently got a rescued bird that hasn't warmed up to me. He will step and down and take food from my hand. He's cautious when it comes to any movement and my hand. We'll work on it.

It always gets better if you're determined!
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Oh also, just today i put my hand on his cage and he started pulling on my finger. When it was in he stepped up on it. So more slight progress! Maybe that means soon he'll be stepping up on my finger again.
What a great update! Glad to hear you and Raku have been making such progress :). This is so encouraging for many people out there who have similar situations with their bird. It shows that many times these things take time, and with persistence it will come.
This does help new people, it gives us hope that with calm patience we will succeed.
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So I just tried something new with him. I let him out of his cage and took him in to the living room and just let him hang out on my shoulder while I played on my iPad. He was pretty nervous, but for the first time in forever he let me scritch his head while outside of his cage. He also climbed on to my hand and started grooming between my fingers. Which was actually kinda unpleasant but it seemed like a positive interaction so i let him continue and occasionally reminded him to be gentle. I had his favorite pen in my shirt pocket and he crawled down and stole it.

He stayed out for about 20 minutes then I put him back in his cage. I didn't wanna risk it turning in to an unpleasant experience.

But this was pretty awesome.

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