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Jun 25, 2022
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I know my birds need UV light for vitamin D, among other things, and weather permitting we take them outside, usually in their cages for some sun.
But the cold weather months tend to keep those outings down. My cages are in a bedroom with one large window.

How do I determine if my feathery babies are getting enough UV while in their cages? I open the curtains wide during the day, and they get in-direct sunlight. I also have a UV bird bulb in the over-head light fixture. I have a perch across the inside of the window and they sometimes perch and look out when they are out of their cages.

1. Are there special windows I should consider for a window replacement?
2. Is there a tool or device that measures UV exposure that is practical to use?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Note, Ask the Question: Where on a Bird's body do they have areas in which they sense UV and react to it.

Answer: Birds have extremely thin skin and Sun Burn is a proper concern. Their thin skin contain zero ability to sense UV nor react to it! The only ability that Birds have to sense (see) UV is within their eye's. In fact, their sight is much greater than ours in the UV range!!

Our Amazon has a wide range of East, South and West windows to choose from for sitting in the Sun light! He will choose to sit in the Sun light for a bit each day. Point is, he does not seek it out!

If you are concerned your Bird is not getting enough time Sun-Setting, buy a Day-light series of LED bulbs. As low as 40 watts is enough to provide the signal that it is day time. NOTE: Take great care as use of LED, day-light bulbs can cause a change in one's Biological Clock and that is true for both Humans and Parrots.

We have double-pane windows (current technology) in all of our windows and find that Sunlight will add heat to our home during the Winter.

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