Vet trip for puppy.


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Jan 19, 2006
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I have to bring my pup to the vet today. I got him from a shelter in December and was instructed to bring him to a specific vet for a follow on to check his incision from being neutered. He came home on meds that I didn't recognize so I looked it up online and found that the meds are NOT approved for cats and dogs and can cause a whole slew of medical problems. The shelter sends EVERY dog home on this med, ill or not. Needless to say I did NOT give it to him. Well I brought him where they told me to and told them that he has tape worm segments coming out of him and that he has a peepee infection and that he is throwing up. I was a vet tech for many years at a cat & dog vet, so I do know what I am talking about. Well those not so qualified people told me he was negative for tape worm, I told them they were wrong that I have pulled tape worm segs from his butt area and seen them in his poop, they insisted that they were correct in spite of me. They ran a urinalysis and said he is fine, I said if its not in the urine, it's in his private itself because he is leaking a foul smelling white puss from there and you can smell him from 10 feet away when he leaks. They told me they saw no evidence of an infection and refused to discuss it further. They told me the throwing up was from nerves. This is the calmest pup I have ever seen in my life. I said, ya right, thats why he is having a blast playing with your techs puppy over there. He really looks like a wreck doesn't he.....not! He will eat a bit, them take a drink, then throw up. Sometimes he just takes a drink and throws it right back up. But theres nothing wrong with him right.....wrong! So anyway, I got ahold of some worm meds elsewhere, but didn't have enough to redose, so off to a different vets we go today. Poop sample in hand, and ready to do battle if they don't listen to me and fix my poor, smelly, sick, wormy, little pup. He is such a good pup, I hate seeing him ill like this and hope that this vet is worth a darn. Lord knows they are going to charge enough. I hope that wasn't TOO much info...... :eek:
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Just got home from the vets about 20 mins ago. He does have a peepee infection, still has worms (like I didn't know that :rolleyes: ), and he possibly has something wrong with his esophagus. If he doesn't stop throwing up the water, we are going to have to do a barrium swallow on him. :( YUCK! I have had those before and they taste terrible. Other than that, he's doing good. :)
That first Vet (if you can use the word on someone like that) needs to be shot, Thankfully the second Vet listened to you, and who else knows if there is something is wrong with their pet, Thank god you argued your case with him, and didn't end up giving him the meds. There are people who take what the vet says as the law, wonder how many poor little creatures never made a recovery after seeing him.

Hope all goes well with the little pup, and that he's soon up and well again.
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There are people who take what the vet says as the law, wonder how many poor little creatures never made a recovery after seeing him.

At some point you would think that common sense would kick in, but I have to admit that there are alot of people who don't appear to have any. Too bad for the animals in their care, huh?

As far as the first vet, I blew up at them and told them exactly what I think about them and their practice. The stupidity of some people is simply astounding. I sent a letter to the shelter advising them about the dangerous medicine. I also wanted them to know what kind of vet (using the term very loosely) they are making people go to.
Good for you, more people should do the same thing, If my vet gives me anything for my animals I always ask what it is and what side-effects if any there could be. I hasten to add that my vet is very good, guess i am lucky I have never had a bad vet yet. hopefully it will stay that way, I always see the same vet, I will not see any others, unless it was an emergency. I really am glad that pup is doing okay now, thats down to her/him having a really good mama.
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thats down to her/him having a really good mama.

Thank you. Whoops, I am so brain dead sometimes :eek: :eek: , the pup is a male lab/hound mix that will be 5 months old on Monday, and my daughter named him 'Pal'.

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