Visual sexing of greys.

Hello friends
does anyone have a female congo parrot photo in side of a male congo parrot for better understanding ?
Perhaps we should put all the links from pages 1-3 onto the same page? Same post?
I have a new AG AND the DNA sexing is not available in my country.

I guess it's a female! :

Light color and small size:

rounded head:

Rounded eyes:

and the red of the tale's feathers is not a solid red:

Billy, I'm guessing your grey is probably male because of how red the tail is, but I see a lot of stress marks on the tail feathers.
Hey MonicaMc, you posted a link before in the thread showing the under tail coverts of a male vs. female grey, makes me think Kenji might be a girl(not DNA sexed so I have nooo idea LOL)

Kenji's adorable stubby tail


Guess it's time to dna sex??? LOL
Guess it's time to dna sex??? LOL

Lol at some point I will definitely have Kenji DNA sexed. I would have to towel him and he'd be fearful of me for a while, it would be terrible for our relationship. I may see how much it cost at the avian vet in November when he has a checkup.
Hi! Looking for some help sexing mine.

just taken these, im swaying towards thinking its a female?



hmmmm.....hard to tell from the pictures, but I'd say male. How old is your grey? If you really need ot know for sure, there wouldn't be any guesswork with a DNA test.
Both of my were DNA sexed. However, after being owning by them (my TAGs) I notice, my male has a longer and narrower eyes, my female has really round eyes. Personality, he is far more out going, she is very shy. He seemed larger than her. However, now she is expecting (pregnant) they weight about the same. Before, he weight 40g more than her. If you really want to know the gender, get DNA sex. Next time you take him/her to groomer. Ask them to help you get the blood sample.
Interesting. Will have to look into this next time I run into a breeding pair...though it's quite difficult in my location.
Although many people say that female African Greys are smaller, with slimmer, rounder heads and more almond-shaped eyes, and that the males are chunkier, with thicker, squarer heads, and thicker necks than the females, the only sure-fire, accurate way to know the gender of an African Grey (or any bird, for that matter), is to get a DNA-testing of him/her.
This seems so helpful, I was almost postitive Smokey was a boy(I just had a feeling) and his back feathers are completely red so now I'm convinced!
Top right click your name, then look for a link on the right hand side that reads album(s). Click that should offer you some options, including download picture.

Tip when taking pics, if you have iPhone, turn the phone sideways so the button/shutter is on the right, IOW the phone in landscape orientation. If you hold it like most do for normal use the pictures show up on this site sideways or upside down.

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