Waffle Spider!


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Sep 7, 2006
I have been trying to stop Bucc from pinching the little guys millet spray, he doesn't want it to eat, he just likes taking it away from them.:36:

I finally came up with it, I made several and hung them in their cages, I named it my waffle spider!

The waffle balls are really cheap, and the millet just fits through the holes. The little ones love it, they climb on eat swing on it and play with it. Then if they get bored with all that they can then eat it. :04: Each and everyone one of them loves the waffle spider, it is a great hit.
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Thanks Alison, and the best part is Bucc can't get at it:04:
You shouldn't be feeding all that millet, it's pretty fattening and can cause your birds to be come over weight very fast, over weight birds get sick real easey and birds can hide illness pretty well and you might not see it and they could die. I feed 9 parakeets a six inch piece of millet once every 3 weeks.
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Firstly Welcome to Parrot Forums Bird Man.

The waffle spider is a mixture of a toy, perch and food, they love to pull it out of the waffle ball to get at the treats inside, they also swing on it and perch on it. If they ate all of that then I'm sure they would be really fat. They get a lot of exercise. They have always had millet and not one of my birds are fat or overweight. They are all healthy happy birds and thats what matters. They have a very good diet.

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