What a sneak!!


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Sep 7, 2006
We have a sweet bowl that used to sit on the coffee table, but then Bucc would help himself to some (and throw the papers on the floor, which I then had a go at the kids about) Now we hide it UNDER the coffee table, it has been safe, that is untill today when he found it and felt brave enough to get down there and again help himself.


Please notice he tried a few before he found what he wanted. The jelly teddies.:33:
LOL, Bucc is such a character. Tell him Gwen is very, very jealous because he can't find any of the sweets he knows I have and he's stuck with what I choose to give him. :D
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Now that he is determined to get at them, Bucc can't find any either.......... Better late than never.

Thankfully it was just sugar :eek: and nothing more serious. Made me take stock about how relaxed we've all become of having him around, placing things where we THINK he can't get to them. I did go round the house after that and moved so many things.

I did wonder if I placed the bowl back and wrapped pellets up he would go after them thinking he wasn't allowed them. :18:
Now that he is determined to get at them, Bucc can't find any either

I wouldn't totally bet on that one. ;) Bucc seems like he is a bit more determined about things he sets his mind to than Gwen is...LOL
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Yep he is one determined Grey :rolleyes: Especially if he wants something. Trouble is he usually gets just what he wanted one way or the other.:p

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