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Oct 27, 2016
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So, I've had this health issue for some years now and it's been manageable but over the last couple months it's gotten significantly worse and we've been searching for a specialist but literally no one is taking new patients right now. I ended up having what was essentially a pretty intense seizure one night. I called out of work the next day to just recover. I then went to work the following day because I was feeling better only for my health to plummet again and my mom ended up taking me to urgent care. The nurses and everyone were super sweet and helpful EXCEPT the actual doctor. He immediately demanded we do a CT scan despite my mom working in the medical field in the past and was familiar with other tests that could be done first. The doctors logic was "yeah it could be the other things but if it's a brain tumor it doesn't matter" and like... he's right but that could easily be flipped the other way. We did the CT scan though and some lab work and everything came back normal. He did a veryVERY brief .2 second physical. Literally shined a light in my ears and eyes for a millisecond and then left. He came back a little later saying the CTs were clear and I was to be discharged. My mom started pressing him about other tests that could be done and he just blatantly refused and told us I was "A perfectly healthy 20something year old" my mom then asked him if he "Wasn't capable of doing the other tests" and he gave my mom a look like he was fed up with her and then redirected to me and restated I was being discharged. My mom tried pressing him again and he snapped saying something along the lines of "I have done everything I can do for you and this is over. You are being discharged." then left, slamming the door in the process. My mom was PEEVED. She tried to go after him but he had disappeared and the poor nurses in the area were just staring wide eyed. We ended up getting contact info for higher ups and etc. The best part was, the nurses were BEGGING us to call and report him as they've been having issues with him too. They were THANKING my mom for doing stuff. And they were SO eager to rant about him. One of the nurses stayed with us and ran some other tests and helped us brainstorm some options for going forward. She was super nice and went above and beyond for us which I really appreciate. We were there for nearly 4 hours and we saw the doctor for like a grand total of 2 minutes.

And what's even better? My mom currently works for a medical malpractice company.


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Jan 9, 2023
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My Dad jokes that MD stands for “Minor Deity” because that’s how some of them seem to see themselves 🙄. To be fair, with some doctors it’s just plain burnout, but if the nurses have had recurring issues with this one then it’s very good that you are reporting him. We’ve had some excellent doctors and some… not so good ones. Sorry you had to deal with that 😕 and praying that you find some answers to your health struggles ! ❤️

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