Writing "fan letters", etc.


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May 14, 2016
Cleveland area
The Rickeybird, 38-year-old Patagonian Conure
Rosemary Low is an author, activist, and authority on parrots. I've followed her for decades, since the early Bird Talk Magazine days! She has often extolled the endearing quirks of Patagonians. They're one of her favorite species.
Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I have often thought of writing her, but never did until recently, just thanking her for her work. She wrote back! I consider us to be in correspondence now, and am looking forward to getting to know her.
So... my point in writing this is to encourage you to write greetings or "fan letters" to encourage/support one or more of your heroes, favorite authors, or personalities. They will likely be as gratified to hear from you as you are to be in direct contact!
You can find their contact info from their articles, blogs, or online parrot organizations, etc.

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