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Feb 5, 2014
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Grey IRN baby - Coming home July 2015
So. My breeder sent me a message today with the following heading: Bad News Regarding DNA testing. My heart stopped for a second. I had SO wanted a male grey ringneck! Neither of 2 babies I had tested were males. I knew it. :( BUT The message was: BOTH babies are male. :eek: :D So the bad news is that I need to choose now. :rolleyes: BUT HOW!?

How do I choose my baby? LOOK AT THESE LITTLE BUGGERS!


Just look at those sweet smiley little faces! :grey::p

HOW am I supposed to choose? LOLOL The others in this clutch have also sold already, but I get first choice between the males. Im going to meet them a week or so before theyre ready to make my choice, but honestly. Lets be honest. Im going to love them both. So, little boy ringies, please help me. Choose me and save me the trouble will you? But do try to only have one of you choose me. :D There's also the issue of names now. Because. I have SUCH a hard time with names. Opie is definitely on the list..... SOA 4Ever. But Im not sold on it, and now that it's 'official' life got real and I need to have a list ready!

seriously how fricking adorable are they? AND ONE OF THEM IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! :jumping40
How precious! Well, it's obvious, you have to take them both, they're too cute to choose just one! You can choose twin names for them!

Congratulations! It's fun hearing when the DNA goes the way you want :). Not cool about the breeder's joke though LOL!

Notice one has more of a blank look, the other has more 'personality' showing through. Good luck, they're both absoutely precious!
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Thanks! And I did notice that! The closer of the two looks cheekier!

HAHAHAHAHA choose both! My husband would divorce me probably. Well maybe not. But he wouldn't be super excited about the idea. Silly man.

It IS going to be hard though. To just pick one. The breeder say they've got quite a few people interested, all of which are knowledgeable and good homes so that makes it easier. Gotta share the ringy-love a little bit! :D

Seriously. I shall take suggestions on names. Please help. :p
NNNNAAAWW!!! I'm melting over here! They are both absolutely precious and beautiful!! That will be one tough choice to make. Perhaps (if you're lucky) one of them will instantly pick you? :D Even if that doesn't happen, you can't go wrong with either one of them.

Sorry, I won't be able to help you with names, as I'm the world's worst in picking those. LOVE Opie!! :D
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Nimbus IS cute! I'm also adding Anarchy to the list. SOA nod and also husband wasn't excited about the idea of a second bird initially. And I kind of had to be... Persuasive. :p And Nark is hilarious as a nickname.
I'm sure you will be happy with whichever adorable little IRN you choose! It's so fun that you get to see your baby at this age and watch him grow.

As for names, I am absolutely terrible at names. It took me forever and a day to come up with Baxter! Sometimes your baby's personality will guide you to a name.

Let us know what you decide!
Oh gosh...the cuteness! 'Cause he's gray, I'd call him "Sven" like the gray reindeer on Frozen (yes, we have little kids here...).

Enjoy!!! More pics!!!!
Gorgeous! Awesome! I was out shopping for a grey male baby before Henry found his way to our place lol - but he's the perfect bird for us! We tend to go old school traditional with animal names, a bit of an accidental theme. We've got Henry, Ethyl, Duncan, and George.
So given that Rosa is quite floral/planty, how about Basil?
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Thanks for the name suggestions! Ive got a bit of a list made: (Hubs vetoed Sven :p )



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