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Re: Funny conure stories

Quote: Originally Posted by roxynoodle View Post
Oh, and yes, my ex-fiance is the one who taught her the "F you." As soon as I caught him doing that, I said, no, don't do that. She could outlive me and no one else is going to want her. She's bad enough already with what she's learned.

Well, I thought I had stopped him in time, but nope, like I said, that bird just picks them right up. It wasn't until a few months later that she said it to my friend and I knew she had learned it.

LOL! I'd take a bird that can curse over a bird that can't anyday !! XD

these stories are hilarious! The worst Loqui says is shut up & my mother was mad that I taught him that. I told her I'm gonna teach him some curse words in Spanish just to make her mad hehe

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