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Re: possibly laying an egg?

Most of us don't know about the egg until our females lay them. Yours wasn't fully developed when you first went in. Now it's developed, but she isn't actively trying to lay it yet....
So she is stable, until she is trying to pass it out...I guess the big concern is how big is it, and does the vet think she can lay it on her own?
Sometimes they wait till it's dropping, then do anesthesia and remove it from the outside, without surgically opening the abdomen. They can also open the abdomen surgically and do it that way. Depends on so many things..
I've only had experience with egg laying once. My GCC I had for ten years thinking she was a boy. I got my second GCC and had them both DNA tested. Before the results came back, the excitement of the new GCC caused my boy (lol) to lay eggs. After the shock of the first egg, I could feel each egg before she laid them. She laid four. I just removed them as she laid them, most were broken on the bottom of the cage. Then for seven years she never laid again. Ta-dah my current girl had never laid in eight years. But I'm am worrying that with Neptune, she might.....
So your girl is safe now. And hopefully she will be able to lay on her own. It don't know if it would help to provide her with a box? To make her more comfortable to lay it? Since you know eggs are in there already???
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