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Re: Time to re-home?

Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Cardinal View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by daviddewlow View Post
I'm going to keep Ricky and give Lucy to either an experienced bird family or to a rescue. Ricky is like family already....

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If you have a large aviary, why not get more parrotlets of the same species; possibly Lucy may bond with another mate and you can keep Ricky as a companion inside. Or may be it is just a male and female thing. I don't know much about parrot lets but in IRNs the females can often be vicious and the male friendly. You cannot change a Parrot's nature.
While I understand where you're coming from with this advice Cardinal, I'm not sure that David adding MORE Parrotlets and hoping that one of them bonds with his female is the best thing to do right now...I think it's probably better if he Hits the Reset-Button and starts over with Lucy, trying to again earn her trust himself and bonding with her himself...Adding even more birds right now would most-likely only make things much, much worse, and he'd most-likely end-up with more birds that don't really like each other and can't be together at all...
Not to mention, and I just want to throw my two-cents in for parrotlets specifically, they are NOT a species that can be generally just kept in a group aviary like most other birds. They pair bond very strongly, and even with a breeding pair, sometimes things end tragically. Adding a third bird to an already bonded pair almost always ends poorly. When sending home babies, if someone asked me about keeping even two, I always advised separate cages because once sexual maturity hits, clutch mates can stop getting along and if in too small of a cage, it goes from just tolerating another bird in their territory to eliminating the other bird.

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