a little help please

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    Need some help

    Hii, happy new year everyone! I start the year with yet an other headache. My two babies are really calm, they are cuddly, chaotic, and happy, but my male cockatiels is screaming like crazy. He is hungry? He screams. He wasn't to sleep more? He screams. He wants the vegetables and not the...
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    So my uncle was taking a thing of like lighter fluid/gasoline type thing to the grill and it split, causing us to rush to clean things up, but my budgies Whiskey and Lullaby, were in their cage when it happened in the same room, they were only in the room for like 2-4 minutes after the spill (we...
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    Hello, new and in need of a little help!

    I got my first parrot back in November of last year (Nix is a blue quaker/monk parrot) and I noticed a little while back he would hang around the left corner of his cage and just chew at it. I know cage chewing it something we can't control but I didn't realize that he was actually eating the...