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Mar 27, 2015
Blue Quaker Parrot
I got my first parrot back in November of last year (Nix is a blue quaker/monk parrot) and I noticed a little while back he would hang around the left corner of his cage and just chew at it. I know cage chewing it something we can't control but I didn't realize that he was actually eating the finish of the cage (it's powder finished and all but I guess that one portion was chipped and I didn't really notice till he was going at it.)

I tried tying the blanket I use to cover his cage with on the area he had already chewed/eaten. After a week it seems he'd managed to bite/move around the covering and continued chew it up again so I re-tied the blanket a bit tighter and thoroughly. I don't know what to do as he'll probably get through to it again and it's a bit frustrating since he's cage is open all day so he spends like 80% of time while on or in his cage just chewing at the blanket. :c

PS I plan to buy him a lot more toys real soon since I have a few at this point in time. Also buying a new cage is not really an option that's open to me at this point /:
I had the same problem with my Sennie. I ended up buying him an aluminum cage. In the short term, I bought some cheap ladders and fastened them to the side of the cage with zip ties so he had to really work to get at the bars. Maybe try fastening some plexiglass in that spot? Good luck!
Same exact problem with Griffin. Same exact solution as Helena did. I love the King's aluminum cage.

Before I got the new cage, I put a lot of small toys fastened to the bars in his "favorite" area to bite on. It did help, but didn't eliminate it 100%.

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