1. Fauna

    Adoption in MD area?

    Im devastated to say that my baby Tiago recently passed. Im looking to adopt a baby conure, but i cant figure out where a good place to get one would be.
  2. L

    Can someone who works full time have a bird? Also asking about birds who have plucked most of their feathers out.

    Hello, do most people who have birds have stay-at-home jobs, or no job? There is a plucked goffin cockatoo at a local rescue who caught my eye. I would love to be able to give her a happier life. I'm ok if she's not hand tame, and I know she may never regrow her feathers, and I'm ok with...
  3. chloe.millar

    Bree the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure! California

    This is an incredibly difficult post to make, and it has taken years to come to this decision. I’ve posted in this forum multiple times requesting advice on if I’m the best home for my green cheek conure. I got Bree when I was 14 (currently 19) and I wasn’t able to truly grasp what I was...
  4. TikiTheConure

    New Quaker Parrot. Introduction and Care

    Hi guys. So I currently have a Conure, I adopted him 2 months ago. We have become very close in a short amount of time. I work from home so I'm always with him when he's not asleep. He won't have it any other way lol... he screams if I leave the room for a minute. He used to have a buddy so I...
  5. L

    Looking to Adopt a Macaw in Florida

    I have been searching for a while. I guess it doesn’t cost a thing to try and look for help in this forum! I would Love to adopt or receive a Macaw in my home. I’m Located in Central Florida but I’m willing to travel. It is welcome any help I could get! Thanks
  6. C

    Congo African Grey in Massachusetts

    Please disregard
  7. F

    Convincing family to let me get a cockatiel

    So I’ve had a bird before, but as a child, since then I’ve matured and educated myself fully on cockatiels and wish to care for one again. My first cockatiel I got in 2005 and had until 2012 (she died of illness that none of us saw coming). I was a little kid, just becoming a teen when she...
  8. PenClem

    ISO large Macaw as my companion in TX

    I've been searching for a young, adult Macaw to have as my companion for what seems like ages. Even though Texas is a BIG state, it's a black hole for Macaws, apparently. Adult macaws in good condition are hard to come by. I just want to find one to adopt to be my lifelong companion. I'm even...
  9. G

    Looking to adopt a greenwing or other macaw

    Hi I lost my macaw to kidney failure in November 2017. I tried to adopt from three rescues but they thought I should let my bird fly loose all over the house. They also didn't like the fact that my Dobie is encaged in a large encloser due to her bladder issues and dog aggression. All my animals...
  10. P

    4 month old Indian Ringneck female needs to be adopted!

    I have a 4 month old Indian Ringneck female that needs to be adopted. She is very sweet and lets your rub all over her. She likes to play and loves to eat all-natural popcorn. I need to have her adopted because my male Indian Ringneck is becoming aggressive whenever he sees her or hears her; He...
  11. F

    Looking to Adopt a Macaw

    Retired man looking for a companion. Can offer TLC with ample living environment.
  12. V

    Sun Conure needs a loving new home

    Hi, I live near the Schaumburg area in Illinois and I need to find a new loving home for my super sweet and cuddly Sun Conure, Mochi. I say he's a male, but I am not positive. An irresponsible breeder sold him to me at 5 weeks old. He will be 4 in July. He has been hand fed and raised by...
  13. C

    Two Caiques Looking for a New Home

    We are looking to rehome our two caiques located in NYC. One male one is female ,about 3.5 years of age. They are in great health and extremely intelligent and entertaining. They get along great and share the same cage. Unfortunately, we don't have the time and attention for them that they need...
  14. M

    Congo african grey

    I need help, I have been looking and looking for any tame non abused CAG to adopt. I would love to have a baby, I really don't even care. I am married and have been married for 21 yrs. I am a mom with 4 kids, 2 in college and 2 in high school. No one has time for me anymore, so now I want to...
  15. K


    Hi - I have owned macaws (severe & red front), amazons (double yellow head, red lorded) and eclectus. Four years ago my 15 year old severe died suddenly. The vet, which is one of the best in Houston, couldn't find out why she died. All kinds of test had been done. I pretty much was unconsolable...
  16. O

    Should I adopt a 3 year old Timneh African Gray?

    I have never owned a bird before. Recently I have been searching for a small companion/pet and have seen a few local dogs needing rehomed and that sort of thing. I have always owned dogs. But there is a family that is moving out of state and has to give up their 3 year old female sweetheart...