1. H

    My 2 Quaker parrot siblings want to Mate, what do i do?

    Hi everyone, as many of you know i found a nest of 3 quaker parrots without parents being around when they were just a week old, now they are 3 months old and beautiful and loving as ever, i have asked on this forum before if i should have seperated them while young so that they would be able to...
  2. MelloYello

    Galah Cockatoos in Texas

    Hi! My friend is looking to adopt a galah cockatoo and to help her out i was wondering if anyone knew any good places in Texas? She’d like a baby, but she’s also open to rescuing/adopting. I haven’t owned any large birds so I don’t know any reputable breeders or rescues of that species or in...
  3. saganismyhero

    I’ve waited years for this, I finally have an African Grey! And boy is he mean

    The subject says it all, but also, I’m still so excited and thrilled. It’s funny how when you anticipate and research something long enough it really does make things easier. I brought Sagan home yesterday, he’s a 3? year old. I got him from someone who really neglected him and had him in a...
  4. S

    Hopeful B&G Macaw adopter.

    Hello! Im Shannon, new to the group. I live in Togiak Alaska its a wild place, quiet town. Im a stay at home mom of a toddler and a senior dog. Im hoping to find a Blue and gold macaw to adopt or rehome. Im still in the reading stage and have asked rescues about adoption. None are willing to...
  5. V

    Help! Quaker bird left outside by old owner need help asap

    Ok so I live in Yonkers,NY and my neighbor across the street left their quaker outside in the cold. As an human being who actually cares about animals, I quickly brought him/her into my home. Now I know nothing about parrots or owning one. So I've been calling around all day today to find a...
  6. E

    Wanting to adopt/rehome a new feather baby GA

    I have a conure named Holly who is now seven years old. She is very take and gets along well with others. I would like to bring another baby into my home so I am searching for any birds that need to be rehomed in either GA OR SC. I'm willing to drive a maximum of 4 hours distance wise.
  7. K

    Southern California rescue

    Hello I am looking for a reputable rescue organization. I am looking to help (offer a good home and lots of attention) to an older African grey, Goffin cockatoo or Hahn's macaw. We offer cages outside as well as indoors. Fresh fruits, vegetables, soak and cook and pelleted food. Retired, now...