african grey congo parrot

  1. threat2society

    is my shower water ok to shower my bird with ?

    both of our showers in the house have filters in them there's basically salt in the water to keep it clean. i really need to shower my 10 month old CAG because her skin is pretty dry and the area around her beak is very dirty and sticky from eating pomegranates LOL. can i shower her with the...
  2. N

    Urgent Help for my 6 week old Grey parrot chick

    Dear All, My grey parrot chick is 6 weeks (got her at 5) :gcc:and not eating as she used to(20 ml feed now each time) since 2 days(I moved her to a new big cage). She does head bobbing when I touch her beak but do not when I try to feed ( but slowly takes it). She started sleeping a lot recently...
  3. S

    Good Morning!

    Hi there, I am owned by an African Grey :)
  4. K

    African Grey still sick!

    Hello I have a year and a half old African Grey named Rex. He started breathing heavily so I took him to his vet. They prescribed medication and he finished it all about 5 days ago. Yesterday he began panting and wobbling again. He isn't talking I can tell he is still sick and I do not know what...
  5. S

    Hello to all and question about a CAG.

    My name is Sam and I am preparing to welcome home a baby CAG in approx 3.5 months. I want to make sure that I am the best companion this bird will ever have. I am making sure everything is safe here, removing toxins, reading everything and will spend 3 months after the birds birth to help be a...
  6. Kenya Parrot

    African Grey Parrot Kenya

    Hello there My name is Mona and I'm the proud owner of a 14 year old African grey Congo parrot. As many of you probably already know when we are parrot owners we are parents. I've been a parrot mom since Kenya was old enough to come home to me. She was hatched in Florida and has been a part of...