1. Tiel

    Parrot-safe air purifier

    Hello guys! It's getting cold in Germany these days and I honestly don't want to open the window as much anymore, especially now that I'm dealing with a potentially infected bird. I've now decided that it's really worth to invest in an air purifier, but I'm a student on a budget and I was...
  2. D

    Is this Air purifier safe?

    I was thinking about getting an Airfree T800 air purifier for my small room with the birds. It does not use ionizing at all. It uses thermodynamic technology and doesn't use replacement filters. It also reduces ozone by 26%. Is it safe for birds?
  3. C

    Room ionizers

    Is it ok to use ionizers with your bird to keep air fresh and clean?
  4. M

    Ozone Generators used as "Air Cleaners"

    I'm posting this, not for comment, but as a side issue that was just mentioned in another thread I was in. Someone mentioned using ozone generators indoors, as an air cleaner and to help eliminate seed moths. I used to go to a martial arts school that started using one as an "air cleaner". I...