1. jaciesaur

    New, Strange Behaviour?

    Hey everyone! I've had my Alexandrine for about two years, and she's had quite the life. She's almost three, and before I got her, she was kept in a cage with two other Alex's (one was very aggressive towards her) with no toys and one perch. It has taken a long time to teach her trust, and...
  2. Baby Alexandrine 4.5weeks Old

    Baby Alexandrine 4.5weeks Old

    ready for feeding
  3. Baby Alexandrine

    Baby Alexandrine

    Baby Alex 4 weeks
  4. A

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swolloed plastic tube.

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swollowed plastic tube. I have 2 alex baby parrots. I am hand feeding them. About an hour ago, when they were taking their food, one of them suddenly swollowed the tube that is attached to the syringe. The tube is about 2 cm long. I tried searching tube around...
  5. babybirdie

    seperation anxiety

    Hey everyone So i have a questions, as always :p anyways i believe echo has a small case of separation anxiety because he like to eat when he isnt alone. I have to be in the room for him to eat. I asked the doctor and he said that he has to learn that he cant stop eating when I'm not there so...
  6. Me And Alex

    Me And Alex

  7. Alex And The Ashtray

    Alex And The Ashtray

    My alexandrine stole the lighter from my mom, chewed on it, then landed on the ashtray and dumped it in.
  8. J

    How long will a bag of pellets last??

    So with any luck I want to be adopting an alexandrine soon after Xmas, and I'm just looking at maintenance costs, how long (on average of course) will say a 10kg bag of pellets last for 1 Alex??? Obviously as well as supplementing the diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm also open to...
  9. J

    Pleased to meet you.

    Hi all, I'm looking to adopt an alexandrine into my family soo and I'm really quite excited about it so I've been researching pretty intensely which led me to this forum, I'm sure I'll be perusing here regularly. If you have any hints, tricks, tips or even stories about your Alex i'd love to...
  10. J

    Alexandrine noise levels???

    Hi guys, I have been seriously considering adopting an alexandrine into the family. I have been doing quite a bit of research and I'm quite excited about this however I live in suburbia and have heard quite consistently that these birds can be noisy so I just wanted to ask all you Alex owners...
  11. My Pet Mithoo

    My Pet Mithoo

    Great Alexandrine Parakeet
  12. My Pet Mithoo

    My Pet Mithoo

    Great Alexandrine Parakeet
  13. My Pet Mithoo

    My Pet Mithoo

    Great Alexandrine Parakeet
  14. Amber

    So I just bought $40 worth of formula a few days ago...

    And Alex decided that day that he would finally give up the formula. He was still on two feeds a day (At nearly 5 months old so it's about time) and now I'm lucky if he will eat a spoonful at night! What does one do with a massive bag of formula you don't really need?! :p:rolleyes: Typical...