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Jun 14, 2014
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Hey everyone
So i have a questions, as always :p
anyways i believe echo has a small case of separation anxiety because he like to eat when he isnt alone. I have to be in the room for him to eat. I asked the doctor and he said that he has to learn that he cant stop eating when I'm not there so couple of days ago i moved him from my room, to the living room. Nowadays he just sits on his perch ( i got him a new one and placed it high in his cage), and does nothing. He literally just sits there on one foot, all puffed up and doesn't eat or play around with his toys like he used to ( or even talk much, occasionally hell talk and whistle put most of the time he doesn't). Its been a few days now. He hates his pellets but im trying to avoid giving him seeds and other food but at points i just give in and give it to him and he eats it. Should i move him back into my room so he eats again? Should i keep him there longer? What should i do ?

Also sorry about so many questions, i just wanna make the best decision for my baby .


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Feb 1, 2011
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They go through a period of adjustment, he will come around eventually. During this period of adjustment to the new location, just give him his seeds for the time being until he's fully adjusted then try to start changing over to pellets. Here's the way I find easiest to switch them over to pellets.

In the morning I feed a fresh bowl of fruits and veggies. Also have a bowl of pellets in there all day everyday. During evening time I put in a table spoon full of seeds. Next day repeat the process all over again. During anytime you see him eating pellets good, stop feeding the seeds completely. During the transition period, do not give him any sort of treats for at least a month or so. Then after the period is passed and he's eating pellets really good then you can offer small amount of treats on a daily basis. Do not offer any seeds!

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