1. 6 Weeks

    6 Weeks

    6 weeks old
  2. C

    Considering Owning An Alexandrine Parakeet.

    Hello! I’m currently considering taking on an Alexandrine Parakeet. I have already done over a year’s worth of extensive research about Alexandrines, from dietary requirements, attention needs and training, to healthcare, toys and cage requirements. I’ve always been passionate about birds...
  3. M

    Alex behaviour - sudden change

    Ive had my male Alex for 2 yrs now and he has always been very cautious around my husband and I. He would occasionally land on me but then fly away very quickly. About a week ago- out of the blue, he started landing on us, showing affection and spending much more time with us! I am over the...
  4. Birdy Num Num

    Birdy Num Num

  5. gemini84

    unsettled oxy

    ok so oxy is acting strange. he used to go to bed so easily but i have found the last couple of nights he wont settle. he scrambles around his cage like a little monkey. Due to some nasty heat of late i have moved his cage into my bedroom wgere we spend most of the day due to the a/c. after...
  6. Supriya


    Hi guys, this is supriya. I'm from india. Currently i have/had 4 Alexandrine beautiful parakeets......named according to their ages- TITU, TIPU(as in paired colleagues) and TUKU and TIAA. Well tia's the only female.......and am hoping that she'd pair with tuku.....yesterday accidentally titu...
  7. Devann

    PPD carrier??

    This is definately a question I will ask my vet once I get my baby home and settled but I thought maybe you birdie experts may have some insight... I am adopting a 6 year old Alexandrine who is healthy but according to her current owner they had another parrot (not sure exactly which type) that...
  8. M

    how to breed alexandrines

    Hello everyone i am trying to breed my alexandrines 4 years old and they are in a large cage please can some one tell me on how to setup and breed them birds. is there anything to do with temperature? anything to do with foods? when is the season? how do i get them to breed? thanks