how to breed alexandrines


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Jul 6, 2012
Hello everyone
i am trying to breed my alexandrines 4 years old and they are in a large cage please can some one tell me on how to setup and breed them birds.

is there anything to do with temperature?
anything to do with foods?
when is the season?
how do i get them to breed?



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Jun 21, 2012
Were they handfed pets? Birds will breed when ready, usually spring is hormonal season, but it varies and some will have two clutches a year. Do you have knowledge of how to handraise birds? Do you have a proper incubator?{a must in case needed...they are pricey}
All birds should be fed to build up their health before allowing to breed. Breeding takes a huge toll on them. If these are pets, they may not make good breeders/parents, most do not. Are you willing to give them up as pets? They may not want anything to do with you if they do breed, and may become aggressive and dangerous. How large is the "large cage"? Have they been sexed as male and female?

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