1. vljenewein

    BBC Film of the Budgies of Australia

    Pretty explicit documentary of the wild Budgerigar of Australia. CAUTION: there are a few scenes of predators in this short film.
  2. Terry57

    Thinking of our Australian members

    I hope you all are safe, and that these horrific fires are extinguished soon. I'm thinking of you all and praying for rain. ETA: For anyone wondering how they can help, LaManuka posted a link that lists organizations that are helping the people and animals so affected by this terrible tragedy...
  3. I

    Brown feathers on cockatoos

    Hello, I've just recently changed location and there are many wild cockatoos here (Whitsunday islands in Queensland, Australia). I've noticed that many of them have brown feathers around their beaks, and on their bodies too. They look a lot like this...
  4. C

    Caique Walk - Parrot Boarding - Sydney AUS

    Caique Walk - Parrot Boarding - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Hello, my name is Kenzie. I am the owner of a lovely rambunctious caique parrot. I am deeply smitten with parrots, they are amazingly beautiful creatures, and I am sure that if you’re reading this that this coincides with your own thoughts too...
  5. CarolineBradley

    G'day from Australia

    Hello all, I'm originally from Ireland but moved to QLD Australia in 2003. I have 3 pet parrots (Sun :orange: and GC Conure and galah) and adore birds. I'm the president (and bird coordinator) of a wildlife rescue group, I'm an artist (painter) and musician.. So hello all hopefully this forum...
  6. nibbler

    att Macaw breeders

    Im talking out of frustration here, and I apologise for being blunt, and im expecting a huge backlash but there is something about bird breeders that I find so damn frustration. Why is it, each one will tell you (regardless of what breed it is) that their breed is more difficult to hand raise...
  7. C

    Importing a parrot to New Zealand and then to Australia

    Hello! I have a sun conure from January. I'm considering moving to Australia in the future and I know that it's impossible to take my parrot with me. I read that in the future it may be possible to import parrots to New Zealand. Birds can be relocated from New Zealand to Australia but is this...
  8. Ezekiell

    Hoping to become a new parrot parent

    Hi everyone. I live in Australia and am considering getting a sun conure as a new addition to my family and as my own pet. :orange: I used to have canaries and budgies when I was small, and now I'm much much older I am looking forward to having a lifelong parrot friend and learning more about...
  9. Mekaisto

    A different kind of Easter egg

    Chook is a buzzard. A buzzard who LOVES eggs! So of course, Easter is his favourite time of the year. In the wild, black-breasted buzzards use stones to crack open emu eggs, which help fatten them up for the breeding season. Black-breasted buzzards are only found in Australia, and actually...
  10. B

    HELP, Importing Sun conures into Australia???

    Does anyone know if it is possible to import sun conures into Australia from America??? We do have sun conures here but I really want a red factor sun conure and I am unable to find any here. HELP PLEASE :-)
  11. O

    About me and my bird.

    Hello parrot lovers, ive recently stubled apon this site and thought id join and tell you about me and my bird ollie. My names Corey and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Im a 19 year old student with a passion for all animals. I've had my pet Male Alexanrine for just over a year now. His name is...
  12. A

    Birds of Australia [My Experiences]

    OK - after getting side tracked for a bit looking at other 'Off Topic' posts, I had to remember why I came here. And that is, to share with you pictures or videos I've taken of birds here in Australia. :D I'm going to try and keep all these pictures as "my own" (ie, I've taken them). I will...