Caique Walk - Parrot Boarding - Sydney AUS


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Feb 16, 2018
Caique Walk - Parrot Boarding - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

Hello, my name is Kenzie. I am the owner of a lovely rambunctious caique parrot.

I am deeply smitten with parrots, they are amazingly beautiful creatures, and I am sure that if you’re reading this that this coincides with your own thoughts too.

From personal experience boarding your babies can be a difficult experience. Too many parrots boarding in one place at a time can mean that personalised attention and time out of the cage becomes limited and can cause stress in parrots.

Parrots are delicate creatures and should get the attention they deserve. So because of this I have decided to open my home to others in need of a personalised boarding experience. I will be limiting bookings to one person at a time.

General Information:

1. Clean Home - No Mess.

2. Daily Parrot Cage Cleaning - Fresh paper for droppings.

3. Food: Vetafarm Pellets, Tropimix, fruit, vegetables, brown rice//quinoa and legumes. Diet can be adjusted at request of the owner.

4. Fresh Water - Multivitamin//vitamins can be provided if requested.

5. Daily showers or misting depending on parrots likes and dislikes.

6. Toys - Preferable that owner brings as many of their parrots owns toys as this helps create a familiar environment.

7. Decent sized heavy duty cage available for use if needed. Can provide photographs. Preferable for owner to bring parrots cage as it helps with the potential stress of a new environment.

8. Open communication with owner during parrots stay - will email or text pictures for updates.

Please note:

1. All parrots are required to be free of any disease or sickness.

2. Avian Vet Certificate, stating current health. Valid within 12 months.

3. Your Avian Vet details - In case of emergency - Owner will be contacted - Owner will be required to pay bill, if problem appears to be pre-standing. If i am deemed at fault by the nominated Avian Vet i will be liable for the fee.


Bring own cage: $7.00 per/day
Without own cage: $10 per/day

Kenzie & Charlie the Caique

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