aviator harness

  1. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Help with harness training!

    My bird had a bad experience with the harness and I really want him to get used to it. He runs away from even the sight of it! I have it dangling on a perch by his cage but it doesn't seem to be working. Help!
  2. K

    Aviator Harness - Blue Gold Macaw

    Dear Forum My Blue and Gold Macaw (3 year old) get very scared from the aviator harness I bought. whenever sees the harness she jumps and flies away and hides! She gets so aggressive after see it tries to rip it off, I did force it once on her as she has flown away once when i took her...
  3. Ezekiell

    Difficulties with harness training

    Hi everyone. Māui has been going great and we’re really developing a good bond. I’ve started trick training and he’s already mastered targeting, spin, shake, and I’ve managed to capture his wave. I’ve also been doing a lot of desensitisation training for the harness and he now tolerates it...
  4. P

    Out and About

    Thought I'd share some pictures of Jimmy Bullet's walk with me from the other day. We hiked in the woods and then spent some time at the river. She even suffered me climbing out on a tree over the water while she bounced around on my shoulder. What has your pi been up to lately?
  5. S

    Aviator Harness for My Macaw

    I am going through a debate... To fly or not to fly! I personally feel like flying is a natural and healthy part of a large birds existence, but I want to make sure that my beloved Samantha is safe. That being said, I have been doing some research on getting an Aviator Harness. Any thoughts...
  6. veimar

    Aviator harness - a big disappointment!

    So finally I was able to fit Parry into this thing today. He didn't like the process, but patiently allowed me to do it without biting. We went outside to try it out, but the leash was way TOO SHORT!!! :eek: Parry flied like a rocket and I was running after him, but he was only able to fly a few...
  7. S

    Aviator leash and harness

    Aviator leash and harness for 2 year old green cheek conure :green2:/1 year old cockatiels ::grey: yellow1:: Good idea or bad idea? Wings are clipped but want it just so I can take them out more often. Do you guys own any? What are some good durable ones? Any information would be helpful Thanks!
  8. I

    Harness training woes

    I finally got Morgan an aviator harness! He's completely fine with it being around him and actually lets me loop it over his head. Only problem is that after about 5 seconds of it being on him he freaks and tries to get it off of himself. It was quite frightening when this happened :( Anyone...
  9. T

    Aviator Harness $24.00!

    Special Is Over We have an abundance of Aviator harnesses in Black And Red. If you ever wanted one for a good price then this is the time to get it. For the month of July This applies to black and red, any size. The Pampered Parrot | Aviator Harness Aviator Harness