baby food

  1. Violet_Diva

    New Dietary Weapon - Encourage Eating Vegetables

    I've just added something to Bellas vegetables and I think it's a winner! Organic baby food! Just drizzled and mixed a spoonful into her food and voila! A slightly more palatable meal and the great thing is there's no added anything - just pure organic fruit and veg! Note: It would have been...
  2. ann

    Pictures of Whiff!

    Hello, I have decided to name my new brotogeris parakeet Whiff :D. He was sitting on my shoulder and I caught a whiff of his fruity smell lol, so I decided to name him Whiff. I took some pictures of him eating some baby food I made. Its 1 boiled sweet potato, a half a walnut, and a few apple...
  3. R

    Birdie Bread!

    So I don't have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand (I know, I know!) so getting fresh food in Peppers' diet has been...*sigh* Well, not the best mommy in that department... So I was looking at birdie bread and there are some recipes that are a little complicated and since I don't have a...
  4. Flowerfairy136

    Ascorbic and Citric Acids? And picky eater tips?

    My U2 Hugo is uber picky. He likes apples and applesauce but I can't get him to even try anything else unless it's in puree form, he'll barely even mess with apples unless they are too. So now I'm trying to get him to branch out and try new things. I plan on making my own puree if I have to, and...