Birdie Bread!


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Oct 28, 2013
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So I don't have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand (I know, I know!) so getting fresh food in Peppers' diet has been...*sigh* Well, not the best mommy in that department...

So I was looking at birdie bread and there are some recipes that are a little complicated and since I don't have a lot of fresh fruit I wasn't sure how this was going to work. But I saw an idea for baby food! :11: What a GREAT idea!
I went out today and bought buckwheat flour and baby cereal (since I saw Jiffy mix isn't a great choice). I bought one of each of those packs of organic baby food that have fruits and veggies mixed.

Found this recipes: Bobbi's Birdie Bread Kind of played with it-didn't put in the egg shells, but shredded up some cuttlebone for calcium. Baked it into little mini muffins (I knew that stupid mini muffin tray I've NEVER used would come in handy at some point in my life)...

LOVED IT! He seriously RIPPED it out of my hand and flew off with it (which he does when he's absconding with treats he's not supposed to have and he KNOWS it). He ate a whole muffin completely and that was AFTER having some egg salad for dinner! He's now sitting contentedly on Daddy's knee. I was really starting to get down about doing what's best for my bird :/ but...

Happy on a scale of 1-10?! A BILLION!!

One question though: Is this okay for them to eat every day? Like I said, I'm having a hard time getting him to eat fresh fruits and veggies, so if this is mega good for him, then yay! (Don't worry, I'm not opting out with the fresh food, I have some more baby food that I'm going to try to give him along with making some "oatmeal" with the baby cereal.


Mar 7, 2013
Shreveport, La USA
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Thats a staple of Porter's diet now.

Try adding some pellets and seeds into the mixture.

As for fresh foods, try chopping up random things; and freezing .. thats what I do for morning feedings.

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