baby macaw

  1. MacawBeginnerandLover

    Macaw price?

    I currently have 3 baby scarlet macaws and thinking about keeping some while trying to sell some to try to build up a savings for a Hyacinth breeding pair. Any idea of prices of baby Scarlet macaws? When they are most expensive? ---When they are right after weaning? When they learn how to fly...
  2. JayInTheJungle

    New Dad to a Recued Wild Baby Red and Green Macaw

    So I'm tending my first baby macaw. I've raised other baby bird rescues before but this is the first time with a large parrot. So here is the backstory: some local farmers were clearing forest for pasture (soap box: Don't eat South American Beef! I have a front row seat to how cattle practices...
  3. gv2203


    Hi there! My husband and I are bird lovers, we have had one bird in the past and he was the absolute best bird ever! So sassy, he was a green cheek conure. We have begun a new adventure with a Hahn's Macaw, she is very afraid of humans, she's a baby and we believe her breeder was handling her...
  4. S

    Baby Blue& Gold Update - 3 months

    So Shorty is 11 1/2 weeks. Almost 3 months :bounce3:. He is getting way more active and polite. He used to make a bunch of noise while i got his food ready now he just plays around or follows me while i mix his formula. He loves his flight suit & is very patient while i put it on and even lifts...
  5. S

    Help Hand Raising 8 week Blue & Gold Macaw

    Hi! I thought i would take a moment and introduce myself, I'm Montana & i have a new baby Blue & Gold Macaw. This is my first macaw but not my first time hand feeding. I used to raise ducklings and fostered a 5 year old african grey for about 6 months. I'm super excited about my baby!! His name...