1. Fauna

    Any good automatic bird baths?

    My conure loves bathing, but he needs water to come down like a faucet, and something with water below it like a lil’ bath. Im not sure if there are any ones like that, that are recommended so I thought id ask here. (Attached is Tiago after a bath🤭)
  2. Zainabals


    Hey everyone, Our Lorikeet E.B is about 4 months old now fully weened and fully feathered. but he never bathes 😂 He has a big deep water dish and I never see him interested in the water not even to drink. (He eats plenty of nectar- fruit-vegetables) When do birds start to bathe? Should I...
  3. rio_

    New blue and gold macaw hasn’t bathed in a while

    Just yesterday I brought home a blue and gold macaw, Rio. He’s a 4yo sweetheart and he’s really confident and loud. He steps up and gets onto my shoulder but if he’s up too long he starts biting. I was told by the previous owners that he hasn’t had a bath and they’ve been spraying some bath...
  4. Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Antics Of A Wet Conure

    Miles, wet as a hen and showing off his silly side.

    Question about bathing

    Hi everyone, I gave my 3 month gcc his first bath a few days ago, he didn't seem to hate it which I'm really glad about. I'm wondering how often I should bathe him per week. I read something about how you should bathe your bird more often in the summer than in the winter, (which is logical) but...
  6. S

    Cockatiel Flew into Sink Dishes with Oil

    Hello Fellow Cockatiel Owners! One of our birds got chilling on her perch and got spooked when she heard something fall in the other room. She flew and landed in our kitchen sink, into a cooking dish that was soaking, but had some olive oil residue in it. Does anyone have any advice as to other...
  7. quackerz

    Conure avoids people after shower

    Hello, My conure is cuddly. Yes he is, trust me and I won't elaborate on that. However after show when still wet, he always wants to be alone and won't step up or interact. He becomes cuddly again when he is complete dry.. Just wondering if this is a common thing or do I need to have it...
  8. Jayson_Black

    How young to start Shallow Bathing Baby Eclectus?

    Hi all. Day 23 with our baby Eclectus. All seems well, except there is a small amount of dry poop building up around the baby's butt. It's not too bad, but I am concerned if I don't act now it may become a problem in the future. The other day I tried using damp paper towel at 40c (104F) but...
  9. P

    Cockatiel Won't Bath!

    I have recently gotten two beautiful cockatiels! They are happy and very active. They are also very young. The one is only two months old and the other is four months. The older one, Loki, has had a couple of spray bathes and only twice has he seemed to enjoy it. Other times he just flies...
  10. I

    my tinku wont dring water nor bathe

    I am having an indian ringneck. He never drinks water nor takes a bath...need help:green2:
  11. ann

    How do you shower with your bird?

    I've tried this before, but I find it very difficult. I take black jack onto the shower on my hand or shoulder and he melts in the water :D. He gets completely soaked! However, I have to put him outside the shower when I use soap. I know a lot of people shower with their birds, but isn't the...
  12. S

    Update on Mia! (Lots of pictures!)

    So I've been trying clicker training and she HATES the sound. It makes her really aggressive. I tried muffling it a lot but to no avail. I suppose I'll just use the word good or something but I really like how precise the clicker is. Anyways she bites when I put my hand in her vicinity and when...
  13. Bathtime For Cinnamon And Cheeky

    Bathtime For Cinnamon And Cheeky

    The girls love to bathe in their water bowl!
  14. HusseinBerjaoui

    Bathing a parrot that cannot be taken out of its cage

    Like how should I give it a shower? Any help? It's his fourth day with me and I have no idea how to give him a shower, please give me instructions
  15. D

    LOVE my baby green cheek!!

    I've had zoey :rainbow1: for 2 weeks now & she is AMAZING! super affectionate & already on a schedule :) she wakes up early, has a little play time outside the cage then crawls into bed w/ me... we snuggle & fall back asleep for about an hour... then breakfast & tons more play time! she lets me...
  16. Doves1

    Bath Time?!?!?

    Ok guys this isn't really a problem question just a what's your suggestion question. So most of you know I took in a baby Scarlet Macaw who was being mistreated and was very afraid of everything and anything. So he is now 7 months old and I feel that we can finally tackle bath time! My question...
  17. D

    Teaching a Zon to Shower

    Any ideas on how to get my YNA to start showering? He hates when I mist him, so I stopped doing that. I can bring him into the shower with me, but he'll avoid the water and does not like when I "drip" the water on him. He's only bathed once in his water bowl to my dismay. But honestly, he looks...
  18. I Miss You So Much :(

    I Miss You So Much :(

    Some memories of my two lovebirds toghether when they didn't fight... Still miss these days.
  19. I Miss You So Much :(

    I Miss You So Much :(

    Some memories of my two lovebirds toghether when they didn't fight... Still miss these days.
  20. I Miss You So Much :(

    I Miss You So Much :(

    Some memories of my two lovebirds toghether when they didn't fight... Still miss these days.