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  1. Rico_Tiel

    Local Concerts Keeping my Birds up? How do I Muffle it?

    So, I live near a golf course and some years they have what I call “concert seasons” where there is At minimum 1 concert a week that goes on for hours. The last one was 2020? I think? Every year they have concerts for summer events like 4th of July, cinco de mayo, mothers/Father’s Day, etc. if...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    What is your parrot’s favorite color?

    I recently discovered Rico’s favorite color is baby pink and he seems to like blue and purples. So, this leads me to this question! What is your bird’s favorite color? If you bird doesn’t seem to have one, how about a least favorite? Rico hates red. No clue why, he just seems to not like it...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    We just lost power, how do I keep Rico warm?

    So yeah, we just lost power, the data towers seem okay so far but that could change. It is like 30°F outside and on the off chance that this outage lasts a while, I wanna know what to do. I know put a blanket on the cage when the temps begin to drop but what else should I do? Bird pic for birb tax
  4. Rico_Tiel

    I am super bored and would love to know what are some of the greatest things your birds have done?

    for me, being an amazing eater! he is willing to try new foods if I make it look yummy! or him being there for me when no one else was. or when he helped me through a breakup with a vile guy. the dude was a manipulator, gas lighter, a very... hmm... let's just say creepy guy with few...